End of tenancy cleaning in London


How to Organize Your First Move Out Cleaning

You are living calmly and happily in your home for rent in Central London and you are loving it a lot. You can go wherever you want within a couple of minutes, you have a park nearby and a bunch of charming little places to grab coffee from or stop by for a lunch or a dinner. The apartment is not that big, but it is just enough for you and your spouse to enjoy yourself in it and to relish the so lovely view from the windows. Yeah, the love story you have with that house is worth been made into a movie. You were so lucky to unexpectedly find a place like this, to be able to afford it and to have it for that much time. But just like any other story and like any movie, there comes a moment for an end, happy or not, and now you are supposed to move out. And somewhere between the enthusiasm of making home from another house, living the new life in a new neighbourhood, and the sorrow of having to say goodbye to this old but gold one, you need to think of another unpleasant, but significant aspect – the after tenancy cleaning. But how to organize one of those and why have no one told you about it in school or in uni or somewhere, for God sake? Well, here are the things you need to know so that you could get those £3000 from the security deposit back.washing-windows-394158_1280

Schedule the Move Out

Start with taking a look at your diary and your personal schedule. Make sure that you won’t have to multitask the move out and an important job interview or the birthday of your mother. Then arrange an appointment for an end of tenancy cleaning for the most convenient time and when you are sure that the cleaning team will be there on that day and make your house shine, schedule an inspection, as well. Thus there would be no surprises. You will know when the landlord or the letting agency’s representative will arrive and you will be completely prepared for it.

Find the Best Cleaning Team

The truth is that the success of the end of tenancy cleaning team depends fully on the condition of your rented house during this same inspection. This means that if you want to get your money back, you need to clean your house perfectly and make it shine. But as this turns out to be a task beyond the strengths of an unprofessional, there is not a single person in

London performing such cleaning by himself. Everyone trusts the experts. And that is why you need to be careful when choosing an end of tenancy cleaning team. Make sure that the cleaners are all experienced, skilful and well-prepared, that they are aware of the requirements of the inspectors and could guarantee you an inspection pass. Find the second to none in the city and forget about that awful part of the move out.